Hppy BDY

little do you know my year nine self is having emOtiOnS and youre still part of my disc password yayyyy
i dont know what to say so the conversation just bombed which is sad but im too awkward to continue it
so went to the gypsy fair bought some pants and some incense and some rosebuds and some fucking snazzy pants
inspited by loghann’s fancy butt i have stepped up my pants game and we are going to have a pants reveal on tuesday because she also has new pants
i also got an eye of horus airbrush tattoo which is pretty cool but i think i have to cover it up tomorrow at Nazareth
and its gonna be the last week in the cafe
i dunno
i need new photos for facebook


northwood wedding

went to lunch with dad bk is shit
was good
the people were good actually
they were all nice and everything
im tired
my back hurts

non diabetic hyperglycemia?

so Ana and i ended up continuing on our discussion on how to kill someone with too much sugar in english and theo overheard and then in art he joked about calling the police on us and tia isnt so bad a bit like how i was with her folio stuff actually
skyped lily and jess
lily said some interesting things about brodie and his interests
thats about it really
going to lunch tomorrow and working
i you were to be their personal trainer or nutritionist then you could ‘typo’ their meal plan

eyy so its fucking weird (look out for the biplane)

so these few days right without loghann would have been how all of this year would have been if she hadnt come back and i really hate that
im working saturday
if loghann isnt on the coast in the weekend we might be going to gypsy fair and body mind spirit
also lily dropped out of her course and she’s coming back down soonish
holly convinced me to do a garden sculpture for her
its not really convinced since its under protest but im still going to do it
was supposed to skype lily but that didnt happen
i feel shit but kinda better
i havent been good at stopping spending money


i gave ethan and his friend some chocolate eggs
i also gave some to ana and her friends
i gave some to sophie too
sophie was happy
it was nice to do that
i was happy about it
holly said that it was acceptable for me to make things because i like them
i am going to make a plaster mould tomorrow
tomorrow night i will hopefully skype lily and might figure out plans for going to brisbane
i miss loghann


“i would dice (die) for you” *rolls dice at loghann*
i know a singular dice is a die but to make the pun more obvious and to connect it more to the die than the act of dying i said dice not die
i fell off my chair too today and i think it was in celebration and then loghann wouldnt help me up and then dean did and it wasnt weird and it was actually quite sweet and then i had the call of the void or intrusive thought things that made me feel like i had to lean into him and it was a little scary and i think i remembered why i though he was cute when we used to bus together last year and on olympics day last year especially
and ethan and his boys had put up some questionable and in bad taste signs that people took offence to then got told off by kirsty and like i get that it was a joke and i have had personal experience with people dying of cancer but i was didnt realise fully what was actually on the signs and hadnt seen them myself
it was raining in the afternoon and i got drenched on the way to the bus and its not often im like ok i could have done with another layer but like i definitely could have
made a thing in art which was kinda like a tooth thing kinda like a geode and kinda like that part inside a passion fruit that has the seeds attached to it with the pointy things
im trying to complete fire boy and water girl forest temple by myself
i got to the satan level and i could have completed it but i would have missed a gem so i tried to do it properly and failed
havent done it yet
loghann wont be at school for the rest of the week she’s going to the fall out boy concert in aukland

75th (Naz 3)

it would have been grandma’s birthday today
was at nazareth house
signed some paperwork
finished three booklets
the thing is i dont know if i actually need to hand those in
went and got some stone pieces for a glass for lilys birthday
discovered that after 6 days it turned out that brainbox candy had sent me a reply and theyre sending them out again and they should be here some time this week as should the shirt from wills shop but they havent sent me an email to confirm the shipping so thats a bit shit
i dunno its all a bit weird with shipping and stuff but i guess i had been lucky with it all so far i would have to get something going wrong at some point
i met gemma’s daughter and partner today
julian is cool and i wont be able to think of freda without the artist or hollys chicken
back to school
i still dont know if im working this weekend or not
i just hope im not working on a day that lily is back for her birthday
i hate how much i miss a certain person


its his birthday
and he’s 20
i forgot how old he is
but like only a year and a few months older than me
and still closer to my age than my sisters
but it makes him seem older
i messaged him earlier and that was about it
the rest of today was tumblr
like the honestly side of tumblr
i don’t feel great about that
i blame it entirely on the idiot boy


finished empire of storms today and fucking loved/hated it
and now its finished and im upset

i think i could still fall in love with you
i love you
but im not in love with you
theres a huge difference nowadays
but the thing is
given the right
or wrong circumstances
id probably still fall for you again

jarrod plays secret hitler and its annoying
i have nothing else worth saying

halswell kids

i dont know really what mattered from the morning
not much honestly
i think ive decided that today was my last day of buying food
went to the cafe and then to new world
its all over now
thats it
the end
ended up talking to Gen at the bus stop because i left early and accidentally ruined her day by saying we were going to be on the bus with all the st thomas boys but it didnt end up being too bad
billy was back on the bus this morning as quiet as ever but on the bus this afternoon i had never seen him emote so much he was basically crying laughing and it was beautiful
and then work
and then a dog nearly died
it was a small and it was across the road and wanted to say hi
so she ran across the main road barking at me and was so lucky that there wasnt any cars at that moment
i was a little worried she’s bite me but she was just happy to have met a human and just wanted to be patted so i patted her and held her collar till the road was clear enough for her lady to come over and get her
and mum drove past just after
bout it really
gotta find out if im gonna do something tomorrow or not
kinda not looking forward to starting that conversation
i mean i started it but he didnt even reply