will smith will smith

and other assorted will smith arrangements
will will smith smith
smith will smith will
whatever i had adream i went to this weird random fancy restaurant with on a date with jaden smith and his sister came along and then i went to the bathroom and Dara Ó Briain was there saying all the will smith jokes and then i had to run away from somewhere that was like nazareth house and walk home or something?
other than that went to work at 11 which made thw whole day feel a lot longer than it should have but whatever i moved my room back and am having probably my last night in the tiny house
went to the library
was trying to be healthier
but also in a way not like who can survive on water forever?
its pretty fucking hot


End of year

Saw Calvin at bunnings and eleven year old me had some feelings about that
Meeting up with Loghann at the exchange was great and her boy was there
Alena’s boy arrived later after everyone had been drinking except me sweet valley high and cards against humanity
It was pretty good I guess
I feel kinda shit now because they’re paired off but married Loghann and Alena with glowstick rings and got a new years kiss on the cheek from Loghann
It’s two in the morning and were going to bed but I kinda don’t want to sleep
Also cat allergies suck I fucking can’t
I think I won cards and also won sweet valley high
I feel pretty sick
We put glowsticks in the pool but not us
My nose is running
Hamish is actually pretty cool
They’re all making me miss being in a relationship
We might go to the beach tomorrow if we have time
I drank three small lifts
The jelly beans weren’t as bad as I had expected but some of them were pretty shit
when i was on the bus there was a guy who got on but then had to get off because he didnt have enough money but then a dude from the back of the bus runs down and pays for him and the other guy gives him a couple beers and it was very sweet
the only tweets i have that get likes are the ones about steve irwin

more of scotland

went to minigolf with dad and rebecca and it wasnt so bad
it was the place over the other side of riccarton market where you can always see the castle

(fuck instagram and also fuck me for turning his notifications on)(also dont say fuck me when talking about charles he might die…. or just think i mean it as a friend)
from the carpark and i didnt do too well even though i can second two behind dad and eight ahead of rebecca but i ended up being (honestly while trying to count i started going through the months im broken) twenty four over par for the course
offered any assistance to Ethan
also discovered that Alena’s brother who i was aware was there but i made an effort not to pay attention to because i didnt want to stare and some random guy it pretty hecking emo from the one photo on facebook
need to sleep because i feel like shit
going to bus in the evening
and meet loghann at the exchange at five

its technically tomorrow

but ive only just gotten home
everything im writing is now being dictated in my head in a strong irish accent like fucking Nogla
went to ashburton which was ok except for the fact i had to be woken up at half eight
went and ate at ashfords after the cemetery and then went to the happy medium where i got two solid perfumes which are actually pretty cool and i hope i dont use them up really quickly
then at rakaia there was a lady that fainted in the cafe which was a little bit scary
i got a text from Nicky at ten to five asking if i could work at 6:45 and i said yes
ended up going to Loburn which is fucking miles away and it was a 50th birthday but the lady was wearing her wedding dress again which was pretty awesome
on the job with me was rose who i did my last shift with and sean/shaun who knows the spelling whatever the cool chef who i met on my first day at the vines club
so whatever we did the things and a cat came in and hung out for a bit
while serving there was a guy who was like oh you again or something like that and maybe he had been at the job i did in tai tapu the one that charles was at but i cant be certain
when we three went to say goodbye to the hosts the Scottish guy who was wearing a kilt and had had at least five buns came and put his arm around my shoulder and was all like whats going on here then and i said we’re heading off and then he moved away shook hands with the chef who later made a joke about that the Scotsman had a thing for me but im pretty sure he had a partner
anyway its two in the morning
i want to punch becca in the face

where are my fucking shifts

vere still hasnt sent the shift options through to me so i dont know if im working or not on the 29th 30th but i got my payslip through from the last one
so he messaged me on instagram because i dont know why but yeah and i dont know how to talk to people and i dont want to get too attatched to him because every interaction i have with a guy always ends up with me considering any possibility of anything and i dont want that to happen because of how fucked my emotions are already
anyway yeah
went to the blood bank and donated and got a reusable cup because it was my fifth donation and then went to the bank and my card should work now but im not sure about the pay tag
like ive paid money for it but im not sure if im actually going to use it especially since i have to call up to activate it apparently
we finished like entirely finished an entire game of carcassonne mum and i drew at the tropical one and also at the winter one which is weird because rebecca lost it because she couldnt make her giant farm empire
ive been binging terroriser prop hunt videos all evening
i have eaten so much more than usual today i blame the lack of blood

so nothing else happened really

just played carcassonne again finished the original and the expansion packs then did the winter edition
mum lit the fire and thats basically it
i did have a really strange dream about this weird house where i think mum was going to buy it to downsize but also it was a lot bigger than this house and the rooms were weird like you’d walk in the front door and then on the side was the master bedroom and then there were lots of small rooms and it was kinda dark and there may have been ducks around and then the room that was going to be mine was also like two stories and there were stairs onto a balcony or a courtyard thing and the back garden was pretty overgrown and i think the old lady that owned it was still hanging around but i think i really liked the house and there was knowing how my dreams always are some kind of s/o boy hanging about with me too


i have now had energy drinks in front of all my family and it did not feel good
everyone is nagging me to go driving
i want to tell them to leave me the fuck alone but i cant do that
i also really want to punch my sister in the face but thats hard to do from on my bed and also she treats me like one of her students and theres nothing i can say that can upset her because ill just end up getting upset first
why do you have to be such a bitch about it and keep acting like youre better than me and making me feel like shit just because you dont have fun and dont get the internet does not make you more mature for fucks sake just leave me the hell alone
you dont like my behaviour or the fact im swearing well jokes on you cos i dont care what you think


i sick of being around people like at this point i dont even know if i could handle my friends
had breakfast in the tiny house
food at cousins
dad came over for a while
i dunno theres not really much to be bothered saying
i kinda want to talk to jarrod but ill leave it til tomorrow i guess
he still calls me beautiful which is wrong on levels


i dunno i feel pretty shit and a little bit like i have a cold
the app predicts ill get my period tomorrow but i dont know if i trust it considering how irregular i usually am
aunty diana uncle eric aunty linda and uncle david (all great uncles on my grand-dad’s side) came over to the tiny house
i was going to watch the grinch then stumbled on a 2005 movie with jeremy sumpter in it then it got too awkward and cringe for me to keep watching it so i actually watched the grinch but then i ditched it 40 minutes in and now im going to watch episode eight season two of riverdale

everybody clap your hands

wendy and steve were over tonight and other than that not much
went to lunch with dad and rebecca and then my new card didnt really work properly and i dont know what happened but even after putting it through an atm it didnt work at the warehouse
didnt manage to buy a cheap board game so ended up making one at home
also didnt buy a candle which i was kinda hoping to but got black track pants tiny notebooks and a sponge instead