i wish things were different (i did have a good day)

went to the exchange and met up with lily
did think i was going to miss the bus and be horribly late but it was fine in the end
i think i need to cut my nails theyre making it feel weird when i type
so im gonna have to ya know make lots of things tomorrow while i die from the sunburn feeling of the tattoo that i got today that i love very much and have put coconut oil on it to help it settle a bit before going to bed
there was a surprisingly good melt on the skin but that the heat of the inflammation
i can only see the tips of one of each of their wings over my shoulder
not sure how i managed to get both tattoos in places where i cant really see them but hey no one else can really either and i think i kinda like that at the moment
then we went to lunch at little high and had pizza
went to riccarton and wandered around for a while then went home
ive been watching ncis of course and am almost finished this season
moving on to lucifer i think
(the whole i wish things were different stuff is about jarrod and wanting to talk to him but not knowing what to say and also not wanting it to be at a bad time or starting talking to him and then the conversation failing because im not able to say anything


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