i was needing to message laneways about the tattoo and everything obviously and i was just like really not feeling good about it
anyway chronologically
went to donate blood and that went well done my sixth
i can also most likely donate over in the uk when i end up going over there
we went to a few places after like the library in town where i had to get my card updated because im an adult now
which means i can now get out r16 dvds without having to talk to a person.. my card knows im youth but it doesnt know how old so i cant get any kind of semi restricted thing without running it past a librarian first.. well i can now
my new card is purple and i dont like it
both for the fact that its purple and theres change and also because im going to have to memorise a new card number AFTER YEARS AND YEARS of knowing my card number off by heart i now have to learn one all over again
then dennys for lunch (twice in one week!!!) and then to spotlight where i got wool and then to halswell library where i found THE PEAKY BLINDERS SEASON FOUR i mean i know ive watched it already (to begin with i thought i hadnt but still its great that i can watch it again when i want to and i also have season two of lucifer that i need to finish watching and the reat of season seven of ncis to watch
isnt it great
went to work for the first time in ages but thats not so shit when theres no one else around
i hooked the switch up to the tv and played that for a while but its not as fun when its not with anyone else and so i know i can hook it up to my laptop and play it at school should i wish to do so… it would involve some cables and bringing the dock with my but it might be worth it
so im going to get another tattoo tomorrow
with lily
other stuff: i saw dean at the mall yesterday and eyebrow saluted him – jarrod made a post that was worded in a way that it could be about me but who knows….


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