was decent

idnt really do much
ok maybe i did stuff
made two clay things one im not really happy with but its passable and the other is a more like generic shaped wax burner
i played a couple of my other games for my ds and i can get rid of four of them and counting them as tradeins towards the switch tomorrow
i was up till like five and i dont know why
i mean i havent really done much in aged and yeah tomorrow im gonna have to go out but like eh
i should probably talk to jarrod
kinda maybe wanna skype and also find out whats gone on with that girl he met and was going on dates with not that its really my business
havent got the designs from laneways yet
ive started french knitting again
i read a book it was a good book and i want to get the next one on hold but i think i get charged for holds now that im older
thats no good
might watch more ncis tonight but probably wont
so yeah i guess i actually did some things


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