final day (making the playlist in advance)

i made two things today and im not really happy with them they are outside of the three shapes i kinda got used to though and its not actually so bad but like considering i went a week and a half without making anything i think its not so bad
listened to the loudmouths podcast during and then ran over that time and went to the i think million subs video that smii7y did for the rest of the time
ive been watching NCIS season 7 for the rest of the time to continue on from the dvd i had out from the library
i need to clear up my desktop or something
made a legless long eared rabbit needle felting and that might be for ethan who knows
if the duck doesnt anything tomorrow im going to be a little mad same goes for charles
laneways messaged me saying that they’ll get the designs to me asap which was nice that i didnt have to message them first
im going to watch the rest of this episode and maybe another then switch back to youtube
i want to get a good sleep and you know actually wake up in time to have my birthday and that
and not actually stay up late enough to turn 19 while im awake
as in 3:15 because that is not a good sleep


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