there is no dirty mermaid

the colour was shit
like didnt come up
could be because it was mixed with a different dye could have been the treatment i mixed in with it could have been that it was going in on already coloured hair but it was so weak and didnt even stain my skin worth mentioning so lets go with im not using lime crime unicorn hair again like ever in the near future
i do have a whole bunch ofdifferent dyes to maybe try out on my wishlist on the beserk website which is gonna be interesting to see if i actually end up doing it
mum and rebecca had neither realised that when i said we were going to dennys for tea on my birthday that i actually meant the four of us which has been worrying me but its worse now that i know that they hadnt noticed
i dont want it to be just a normal day but i also dont want to be doing nothing the whole day
seems like dad and i were the only ones who kinda got what was going on
the chimp is now attached to the chair and i dont know


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