Oiii out here with a social life yeah

that was really lame
I just ran way too far and almost fell a couple of times
Charles is really cute
We actually held hands when we were at the bus stop and not alone of very hidden
He said I was light when he picked me up
There were quite a few times when I felt like kissing him
But didn’t obviously
And I didn’t get a chance to say anything about it
There was a point when we were in the movie
A few points really when I thought I’d gotten my period
I hadn’t thank fuck for that cos I would’ve felt really awkward about it but I mean the alternative is also awkward for me at least
But we held hands through most of the movie and had my hand on his arm a lot too and he was tickling me and he did the maze thing I think when he felt a little awkward and was like I’m gonna make her laughter because this contact is getting serious
But it was good
The movie was fine
Braveheart was better of course
I have to tell Lily about it later when I get home cos I messaged her when I was waiting for them
I’m already at Riccarton this seems to be going way faster than it was on the way here
Like I’m supposed to get home like seven but ok
I didn’t want to leave and I also wanna have time with just Charles and I cos we haven’t really gotten that yet except on the bus
Mum might be annoyed when I get home
Cos I’ve been out almost all weekend
And I owe her time for Wednesdays
He was thinking about giving me his jersey but like them I’d have to give it back and also explain to mum why I had it and yeah that woulda been awkward
There were a few times when I felt like crying and I don’t know why
Hey you know I like you right
And it’s been a long time since I’ve been this happy
Like butterflies like melting like I’m falling please catch me
And it’s not often I write something happy and almost never that I write something happy about a boy
And yeah you’re special
To be continued???


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