I’m not sniffing my shirt

Cos it smells like him….
Anyway I got up way earlier than I wanted to on a Saturday but I went to Riccarton and met Charles there
We bussed to northlands and got a bit lost cos the of the bus but it was good to be with him again
And yeah we held hands again but there was more later
We walked around kaiapoi after getting driven a bit by George and found becca and Melissa went to her place and met the dog who was cute and then I had to take my tights off and went barefoot to dominos where I got him to get a pepperoni pizza cos he’d never had one before and I kinda are half of it
He was giving me a shoulder massage which felt really good and I could’ve fallen asleep then we walked back and I was awkward then becca and I made it into the bed first and she wanted him to not be on her bed so to start with I kinda tried to push him off but I actually just wanted him to be there so I gave up pretty quick at trying to stop him
Then it ended up he had his arm behind me which was "to stop him jabbing me or becca" but it was just really comfortable and I got to have me head on his shoulder
Then they went to get a speaker which becca made him go with her and I think it was to get him away from me now that I look back on it but it didn’t work cos I just stayed
Can’t remember how it happened but becca was fainting again which conveniently meant everyone paid attention to her and then Charles was away from me
Backfired though when after I sat on the floor he got me to go up and cuddle with him and it was great but I was looking at becca which she took from whatever facial expressions I made that I liked him and she was really disappointed in me and annoyed cos her mate Sam was thinking we were dating and apparently people at school also thought we were dating
I mean I would
And then we shuffled a bit and it was good and comfortable except when he was tensing but we weren’t really weird today cos we were just chilling
Left at five he bussed with me to Riccarton from being dropped off at northlands and we was stating close which I think was my doing and I hugged him and there were a few times when I really felt like kissing him but that’s not an option
Becca says that if he and I started dating she would slap him and wouldn’t talk to me again and we wouldn’t be friends
It’s apparently cos he had a thing with Sam but when I said that George said it was him that did and I remember her telling me that George had a thing with Sam to try get over becca
So she lied to my face
He’s real cute and I want something to happen burbs don’t make moves and he hasn’t done anything with anyone and I don’t wanna push anything
But my shirt smells like him
And my boots are broken


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