mum and i really aren’t getting along

school wasn’t great
I’m going to pull out of the assessment thats due tomorrow for EFS
and probably out of the class altogether
and then ill just have bio and art and english
i feel sick
like bloated kinda feeling and its not fun
had a 1-1
went with kirsty to talk to brent about the unit standard and he doesn’t know how possible it is for me to do it
yesterday was a mufti day for st thomas of cantebury and billy was cute
but anyway
barely talked to anyone today
didn’t have becca or charles to message cos they were at course
but it seems like on saturday we’re all meeting up again
i don’t know why we aren’t making plans in a group chat but ok
i dunno
mum and i are still arguing
the performance tonight at CoCA was kinda shit there was basically no one there and it was lame and was pretty much a nonevent
i feel like shit
and i feel like crying
and brodie was at school today? i thought he had course but ok
he hasn’t talked to me even thought last night he said he would try not to not talk to me for so long


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