so the morning was ok i suppose
then we had a health talk and becca passed out and i stayed with her through all the blankets falling asleep ambulance dude and sick bay shit
libby thought charles and i were dating and becca said if we were she’d slap both of us
like excuse me are you going to hit me for being happy?
talked to him a lot today
poetry was ok
we all decided that we wanted to write today not talk about editing
i wrote something that people really liked
and i didn’t know how i felt about it really
then at the riccarton interchange i was waiting inside for my bus and then brodie came in
and i didn’t really care either way?
like i wasn’t happy to see him like i would have been like a couple weeks ago
and i wasn’t pissed either it just was
which i feel kinda bad about but like its been more than a week that I’ve been going I’m not going to message him because he’s just a dick to me and is he even going to message me if i don’t message him first and the answer was obviously not
charles can be a bit blonde sometimes
but he’s cute so ill allow it
but anyway brodie said he had been listening to stormzy and i is proud
but like thats it


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