i think i woke up better this morning

but then not really because i still ended up almost late
managed though
a couple of days ago i started a list of all the bad things that happen to me like not just things that annoy me or the absence of something happening but an actual bad thing
so not almost missing the bus but actually missing the bus kinda thing
so its a pretty short list for only being around a few days and maybe it helps me realise that some things don’t matter as much?
I’m trying mot to swear as much and i mentioned it to jenny and now she gives me a look if i come close to
I’m ahead of alena in word cookies or i was when we let school
i figured out a little bit of an alphabetical trick which i don’t really know if it helps yet
i don’t know what else to mention
rebecca is home for the weekend and the wifi is back on sunday
when i got home from school i had to walk into the truck delivering stuff to the now dug up front lawn and then on the way out to work i had to walk into it again
the lawn is not lawn anymore


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