Its getting to the point

where i kinda maybe need to either wash my hair and redread or leave my hair as is normal and take the dreads out properly cos the first bad patch has started on the back of my head and its only gonna get worse from here on
the felting is also relaxing out might not even last till thursday
especially since i can’t take them out and put them back in wednesday night and i don’t think i can tomorrow either so if i do take them out its not to put them back in again
i would like to have then I’m longer but like i kinda can’t
did art in the morning
went to see people when i had a break for a while
i was right about the girl i thought brodie was getting with
still hugged him and whatever
i ended up with a beef burger in a fish burger paper so i had to go back and ask for her to change it
i don’t really like whats happening in efs at the moment because we’re not working on our things in class which means I’m not working on it really at all because i don’t do mentoring properly
wore one of the new shirts to school and felt good but weird about it
billy still looked really tired and i want to do something but can’t
i also calculated the hours of all the youtube i hadnt watched over the past two weeks and it turns out through everything in my watch later playlist it adds up to FIFTY EIGHT HOURS TWENTY SIX MINUTES
now going on a manic search for the boys as in started and failed with nathans friends list (found kelsey jewel though and I’m disgusted) then names school possibly basketball team on the school website
their website is just as useless as ours but I’ve ended up in the newsletters
this is not good
i don’t really know what else


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