woke up later than i had hoped but id ended up staying up way longer than i thought i was going to trying to write the post yesterday and yeah
nothing nothing nothing
and then to the cousins
it was ok
like the adults talked as in not me
sam’s voice has changed
his behaviour has not
neither has kate’s but like yeah they’re still kids
she’s going to middleton next year
we played a new game which wasn’t too bad but once again when i didn’t have an answer i felt like shit because it was all of the attention on me at a point where i was ‘failing’
managed to come second though
and the food wasn’t terrible
like it was really not
and of course it was second to rebecca but i bet aunty joanne who bet uncle glen which she was really happy about and then sam and kate drew for last
and then thats it
it really is
tomorrows the thing though
supposed to be negative four tonight and then I’m working in the morning and going to ferrymead after but at least i can come home first
i just hope that goes ok
then next week
and art
and bullshit
and god fucking damnit


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