first day backkkkkkk
and i don’t really know what to say
saw people in louise’s homebase before purple and they had some pretty good reactions to my hair
saw miriam too she’s back and loves the dreads
watched youtube for the first time in what feels like a lot longer than it actually was and went on a little rampage through button poetry because i didn’t want to watch interstellar and also i was in a poet-y mood because of the workshop being in the afternoon
brodie came in late as usual and he didn’t say anything to me so after a while i poked him in the leg and waved and that was it basically
he doesn’t like the dreads
idc he never likes anything i do with my hair fuck him
i wonder how the whole being hoe thing is going
but also i don’t want to ask because i don’t want details
found some new stuff i like
then class was over and to community which wasn’t so bad
i think the whole school thing isn’t so bad because I’m actually doing something and I’m enjoying not being bored no matter what I’m doing i guess
break i went and got a lift with becca which was ok and we talked about stuff
then art which wasn’t so bad because i actually kinda tried an idea that i wanted to for a while like along the lines of falling into a voting booth and being smothered with politics which turned into three things with the three prime ministers that have held the position when I’ve been alive (except for whoever was in before helen clark because she was elected in the year of my birth but i only just realised that there would’ve been a couple months when it was someone else not her) and like ending up in a corner and then in a waterfall of red and blue dye(?) and then with vines then the hiding behind the polling booth
so thats that
had lunch took photos went to mentoring for art
art isn’t good for mentoring i need more than half an hour to do anything worth getting stuck into like i could on fridays but like other days not so much on a normal day its more for yellow and pbl
then there was efs where we have a new student teacher which i don’t like as much as sharnae but mostly because she isn’t sharnae and for no real reason
i don’t really know what we actually did though
talked about some stuff and i left 20 mins early
there was a really interesting guy on my bus like a cool guy like alt af and great and he was in the 2m can’t look distance which was sad
(brodie says being a hoe is going good and i feel gross)
that just killed my mood
i should not ask questions i don’t want the answers to
i don’t learn
but i wrote and observation thing about the guy which is weird but i also kinda like it though i only liked it while i was writing it and looking back on it i havens read it again so i can’t be sure
so i guess i have to more onto all the to tuam st shit
caught the but there was the guy he got off at the exchange got off at the stop and walked till i was sure i was in the right place
then wandered around the other streets to kill time because it was like half an hour till four still or a bit more so i went on an adventure
there was a guy on a bike that may have said something to me but i had my music in and he was leering at me in like a really gross way and kept looking back at me to the point where i thought he was going to stop and actually try and talk to me
but he didn’t and i kept talking i found the little dairy place and then down the road corner of tuam and nursery(?) rd was a bigger dairy and i got another lift which i probably shouldn’t have gotten
(stop trying to talk to him he doesn’t care)
(like seriously stop youre going to end up making yourself feel worse)
i wore purple lipstick today??
so people were there
i knew all of them from school (jessi) and faultline and rising voices (troy is the only guy and yes I’m disappointed theres no others like ben or josh goys who write are interesting)
we did the whole explain your name origin and why we write thing and it does really feel like rising voices
writing activity was cool was like the other ones we did where sarcasm became fear
might be doing a thing next thursday??
but stop was a while
bus was fine and i thought of noah
wrote about him too
and other weird stuff too
started a patchwork poem with all the noah stuff and i don’t know if its going to work
i invited him to faultline on facebook don’t know if he’ll see it or go if he does but i did it when i was at riccarton station then 100 home was the really nice lady driver who i used to get sometimes on the way home last year
i decided that since i don’t take rest days with the app i can take rest days when i feel like i need them which was today with everything I’ve done
i think i need to wash my hair and dreads tomorrow night and ya know put them in nice for friday
but then they get fluffy in the weekend so I’m not sure
i still feel kinda sunburnt which is weird
i don’t know whats going on
and now I’ve run out of things to say


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