I don’t know how i planned it but it didn’t go to plan

more weird dreams but i wrote them on my phone and i don’t remember enough of them to bother writing here
went to the window place and to school
i don’t remember much of what holly said but she thinks i can still manage my folio
im not so sure
i felt like crying most of the time so trying not to do that was enough of a distraction from what she was actually saying
having any kind of conversation with mum at the moment is impossible
i want to go back to school just so i can be away from her
also that on wednesday i will be away all day
i saw kitty which was cool
and sophie but didn’t actually say anything to her
i had to have a nap which is very unlike me before work
which was ok because it was away from home and i got to organise things and there weren’t really any people around
im glad i got books from the library today I’ve been so bored
the one I’m reading at the moment is weird
i started reading another one but it was short stories and i need something longer than that some continuity for a length of time
i unlocked a new dog breed on my nintendogs game because I’ve remembered that i can do that now and so i can get a chihuahua
might not even actually get it but still
I’m still tired
i got my dreads wet and now all i can smell is wet sheep
its better than chemicals
i might have started writing a song…………………………….. brodie suggested that


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