I can’t be bothered writing a post but i did stuff today so i have to

i wrote down more if the weird dreams i had when i woke up the first time today and then i had another weird dream after that and once again they were about people from school
it feels like its been a whole lot longer today than a normal day but to be fair i did get up earlier
the chips I’m eating aren’t that great
i forgot that people stare at me when i have my dreads in
we went up and talked and i didn’t really have any gossip except that brodie broke up with bree but literally nothing else has happened all holidays
then food then talked then jess had to go
then i told lily in more detail about a particular conversation
they both think he and i are going to have a thing again
but he’s not interested
or shouldn’t be
or something like that
so nothing will happen
went to the body shop and trendz
we talked about avonmore and other people then she had to go
so i went to her bus with her then to inspirations
then back to the food court then upstairs then rebecca got there to pick me up and we drove to the purple line stop that I’m going to on wednesday
and home
played guitar and taught her some stuff
and now thats all caught up
kinda wanna write the dreams i had but it so long
but it involved fletcher again so i feel like i have to
“i think I’m now triggering my own fletcher edmond dreams i was at a fair/market thing with mum and rebeccanad i had a white backpack and then ended up going in some hot pools there was a really cool blue one which i tried to follow the natural rock tubes to it but i wouldnt have fit through them which was kinda scary but i managed to find the big pool which fletcher michael wallace and i think cameron and leewatson were throwing loads of things off a cliff is thing into it
i was trying to stop them but it didn’t really work but i managed to pull fletcher aside and show him the smaller pool which we both barely fit in
i was then at school again but i don’t really remember which teacher it was maybe miss mcleod and we were doing a quiz thing where we had to write the rest of the lyrics to a list of songs and i didn’t notice that were were all supposed to be working on our own sheet so ben bowen and i were working as a team so it meant we lost points but ben was hardcore flirting with me
we only had one chair to begin with where we were bothe supposed to be sitting so when he got up i nabbed his place which was one of the big blue chairs and he joked about sitting on me and then he did we got told off by the teacher and he said that if we were both guys or both girls it would be fine except for the fact i could see that georgia whitefield had a guy sitting on her too
he got another chair though which was one of the small blue ones and i really like how thats a detail that was in my dream because thats a thing i remember for year seven eight was those chairs
school finished so i went to start cleaning but on the way there i stood outside old room 16 for a while and fletcher came up to me and i told him he was early for whatever he was doing then he came back and said he was 15 mins early for whatever it was and gave me a piece of ice that was a little cylinder that was apparently from the aurora ice shelf and if i put it in my mouth it would take a hear and a half to melt it was from ben
i walked across the courts to the fishbowl for cleaning to the room that had the conservatory on the side of it but there was a remedial class in there so i told them to keep it tidy because i had to clean it except that the teacher in there said that it was only 1 o’clock so i stayed and joined the class partly because calvin was there i think cameron was at our table too and maybe james ingram and i was messaging someone which the teacher told me off for but then sarah came in and said that i was messaging her telling her which room it was in even though that wasn’t what i had been doing
we then had to do a test and they put the girls on the left side of the room even though we ended u with james loveridge on the other side of our table and then calvin ended up there too
then the dream after i wrote all that on my phone and went back to sleep
something about me standing in an attic ish room and trying to explain to some guys the names of different body parts while drawing the outlines of them on myself with a permanent marker pen
and dats it


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