I hate forgetting dreams

like I’m pretty sure i had a really cool one and yeah there was a guy in it and thats part of it although me forgetting how to kiss irl has made me forget how to kiss in dreams which is weird but i think there was stuff that was a cross between the A.W. Exley book mermaids and subnautica and i was swimming under a castle and there was also the thing where i was doing something like the tough mudder but in a wedding dress and later on i was with the guy and then people who used to go to halswell were helping set up chairs and stuff and the guy was blindfolded and i think there was something to do with talking about politics
theres also an awkward conversation about a skype thing that i can’t do and yeah its weird and i don’t want to and it kinda worries me but i found the old place so its kinda ok
also I’m going out shopping with mum and then putting in my dreads finally
when i got up hamish the architect was here so i had to put jeans on before i even left my room and later rebecca had her math tutoring for to hours and i was so bored
the people aren’t that great sometimes


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