The one thing i could say no to

and i hated saying no
not just cos i would be nice to have that with someone regardless of who it was but and also it was the same question that id turned down so much already but i just don’t have the confidence to be able to and its easy to come up with reasons in my head why not
no light and can’t turn it on in case mum sees and bad angles and whatever
but also i was pretty sure if i had he would regret it in the morning and also if i was her it would have really hurt to know he’d done that
and we ended up finally talking in a bit more detail about the chat site and it then got to a point where i went back on it
initially to have a random conversation with whoever to show him as an example of what it was and then i just got stuck there again
doesn’t help that its easy to load on slow wifi and youtube isn’t
so that happened
and then today
and there were interesting people
and then there was the boy the now snapchat boy
but not anything as bad as when i woke up this morning
i was pretty much a mental mess all the was to see amber
and now its gone downhill again
found some interesting people thought the kind that used to be a favorite to talk to
and got a little more creative than usual stepped out of my comfort zone a bit
i don’t like messaging on snapchat
sarah would say marry the boy
i don’t know what else to say tonight
I’m saying so many other things to so many people so i dunno


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