its not a word but i did it
went to the bank and stuff
bought a cd and some candles
read through my old notebooks and tried to fid a book had that gives me everything i want out of a book at the moment but i don’t have one
brodie broke up with bree
bucket boy is stuck in my brain
the new candles are passionfruit that doesn’t actually smell like passionfruit
and vanilla cream that smells like ice-cream

i totally forgot about the breakdown i had last night because of my book and then i couldn’t stop crying so i messaged brodie and he didn’t reply for ages so i messaged jarrod an it was the first time id ever talked to him while i was in anything less than an ok mood and i was certainly not ok at the time like bawling my eyes out and he was real nice about it but then too nice and it was really awkward when i was trying to not say no but get him to tone it down a bit
then i was talking to brodie and had a decent conversation about his feelings for once and it kinda just sounded how it was for me and i want to message bree and ask if she’s ok but it would be definitely taken the wrong way and EVERYONE SEEMS TO BE BREAKING UP WITH EVERYONE THESE HOLIDAYS
and I’m still single and lonely


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