So The Wifi Is Fucked

haven’t even heard simon’s voice today
but the thing is i actually have some videos saved so thats awesome
there will be no ash though unfortunately
so i spent the day doing thing that weren’t on the internet which was strange
taught rebecca some guitar which was weird and then i played and she sang along for a few ones
then played some card games
messed with my old set of dreads and kinda made a wreath thing
got rid of some books and tidied the top of my bookshelf and put the green block canvas up there
i finished the book mum gave me for my birthday and it was pretty good and i do want to read more cos the plot twist at the end wasn’t exactly something amazing but it was really cool
i guess its hard for me to get attached to some characters that id want to when they have such obvious love interests
yes i have a problem
dats it
trying to read a book again but i don’t know


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