i don’t know how long its been but I’ve finally finished my dreads today
also cut my finger pretty bad while making wire things to go on them but it hasnt bled which is weird
theres not really much else to say except i went driving for the first time in a long long time and i went with rebecca
there were some idiots going round the uturn bit in quarry view on their scooters that both had L plates but there was four of them using them
and were kinda going all over the place
did stuff about the blindspots
and felt really weird the whole time but thats ok i guess
the wifi is being kinda fucked
i ended up talking to noah for an hour last night
twas a good birthday present
im also almost at the very beginning of all the gta videos and its kinda sad
the blood bank called me this morning and asked if i could come in on wednesday because they needed more of my blood type but i had to say id had a piercing too recently to go in and ill possibly be going to the dentist before i can donate again
and then a tattoo so yeah
its doomed really


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