NO SHIT of course there were no rom com moments at the show

yeah thanks liv for giving me false hope
all good though i guess
didn’t really expect anything to happen
I’m getting too old to be a circus kid
and its almost exactly two years since i got my lip piercing done
I’ve been thinking about going bigger with my ears but my seconds still aren’t healed 100%
the show was great
there was quite a few new people and there were still the old ones there who it was great to see and everyone had still gotten loads better since i last saw them
i swear he’s gotten taller
and so has kate i think
actually talked to him a bit and heard a rumour about an r16 halloween show coming up and I’m actually really excited about it but one thing I’ve thought about that kinda scares me with going back it my belly button piercing like how would that get caught on everything while i was there
and also the fact that i am so not fit or flexible and i can’t next term anyway because I’ve got the whole term booked with the faultline poetry workshops
went to south and thats basically all thats worth mentioning
i dunno what else to say other than i probably won’t be doing anything for my birthday


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