turns out i was right

so didn’t end up seeing lily today
and yeah was a day late so i was hoping i was wrong but nope I’m gonna have to deal with my period on my birthday for the first time so thats great
what shit timing i have this year
hasn’t done this for five years and yet decides oh so youre turning 18 here happy fucking birthday adult woman
already started thinking of myself as 18 so hopefully won’t have as much of the awkward how old am i again transition this year
i know i added him a few days before my birthday
this is really weird
they did the video thing for it
………happy hannah and calvin day……..
its a bit mad
and I’m going to see him perform tomorrow night…
snapchatted liv and sarah about it and liv replied
we need to catch up these holidays hopefully
anyway haven’t seen him in over a year
still gonna probably end up with a three maybe even four day nostalgic crush on him afterwards
but nothing will happen
I’m too weird and he probably already has someone
had a rest day with the normal workout thing do did a just abs day one and it was ok
going out tomorrow in the day too

i wish i knew if people actually read these posts and how they were received
i mean like 25 people follow this blog and id like to know if they actually read it.. though the beginning of this might be weird and off-putting but hey its part of my life whatever ok

man i haven’t used the circus boy category in a while but I’m bringing it back for a couple days


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