yeah so thats the first holy shit thing of the day
but with theres more
so as usual before i watch the whole watch later playlist of the new videos I’ve been watching loads of the duded videos and its great
and i know i swear all the time but i really appreciate the censorship especially in the rage games
but anyway
thats not the first thing
went to the dentist right and they did an X-ray on the tooth i said was hurting and he asked if the crowding had gotten any worse
which it hasn’t that I’ve noticed and i also think its barely crowding at all like i know my teeth aren’t perfectly straight but like they’re not bad
but that wasn’t it
so i went for a whole mouth scan and turns out I’ve got the same problem that mum did with the whole impacted wisdom teeth thing
which may also be the reason why my ears have been so fucked for so long
so yeah I’m gonna have the special version of the wisdom teeth surgery because they really won’t be able to come through normally so all four are gonna come out as soon as theres a space
so my second time with general anaesthetic will be for that
I’m getting down to my last dreads and will probably have them finished for my birthday
i really need to be doing some art but i have no motivation or inspiration for it and i don’t know what to do
had my last guitar lesson with Katrina today and she said i should text her or call her sometimes and just tell her whats up
miriam said the same that i should message her when she was away but i really didn’t do that at all
played some new stuff and then it was done
I’m going to miss it and i need to email

i keep forgetting to finish my posts
emailed them
thats it


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