i did a thing that was actually good

like i changed the workout thing i was doing and the first level was easy so i did the second level as well which I’m probably going to regret later
now I’m overheating
the guy from the movie yesterday ash stymest who played rupert is actually a douche like a huge dickbag
i do not use that term lightly
but he’s hot enough to make up for it
hes not my kind of london
though he is the entirety of the pipe dream
watched two other movies today
the worst crush
which was pretty weird and kinda felt like a book I’ve read crossed with a CSI episode
was ok i guess
then watched maleficent
really loved the beginning and the end but the middle not so much
need to do some art tomorrow
and also sort the days I’m doing things with people
my nose feels a little like its clearing up so I’m hoping for the best
not looking forward to whats in the next couple of days though


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