so i cried today

like real crying not my emotions are changing really quickly or I’m really happy about something eyes watering thing
but like proper tears
it was in a one to one with Holly and it wasn’t that she really upset me but she’s really good at making me have the feelings that I’m trying to ignore
apparently I’ve done more work than anyone else in the class has towards my folio
i don’t feel like it
or at least i don’t feel like its productive work towards my folio at all
the thing is i need to look at transitioning things
i thing one of the first things is to make a good playlist for it
helped make a stop motion film in green and had like two and a half good ideas at the end
feroze was there
went to mentoring after lunch
only have one day of work left before the holidays
but then i have to go back there on saturday for mums birthday
I’m really getting sick
i don’t want to be sick on my birthday
when my nose is blocked i just can’t function properly and my ears are still fucked at the moment
and i can’t use the spray thats supposed to help clear them because my nose is blocked and my ears are blocked cos my nose is blocked
last day of term tomorrow
i dunno what I’m gonna do with people
i dunno what I’m going to do without people


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