so it didn’t get till like art today
where we didn’t really do work but i made four more penguins and jenny and sophie made one each
till jess remembered after i mentioned it
the the package had arrived
it was kinda damp
but i love it
and how to not in a trashy way tweet it
or basically don’t because people will judge me
actually had food like second day in a row this is mint
can’t believe i said mint
also the dude i discovered on youtube yesterday YuB is actually pretty great cos i watched more of his stuff today but i think watching him play hello neighbour will ruin it when i watch Simon play it because ill already have an idea about how it should be done and yeahhhhh
but yeah went to the hands class but i was really only doing it so mum could go and it wasn’t that great
probably not going to finish my dragon any time soon
like mum isn’t going to make the suit for Otis any time soon
saw brodie for a tiny little while
like really not enough for me to be ok if thats all till the holidays
and fucks sake that sounds like i still like him
found out the stuff about the after school classes for faultline
need to figure out what to do with the halswell people but most likely just liv and sarah and also with becca and brodie and lily jess and loghann
i don’t have time for this
and my folio
and mums birthday
and bio and efs


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