i still forget its 2017

alena is actually the same year as me
she thought she was older than me
i figured i was older than her
i am but like we’re both year 13
debating on formal dresses again
just realised id been saying the wrong weekend in the holidays for my birthday
that it was the last weekend of the holidays
it aint
I’m dumb
its the middle
fucks sake
made another penguin in mentoring after lunch
spent too much money cos i was really really hungry
the ab stuff is getting harder cos I’m doing it better
i dunno
i washed my hair because it ended up a mess today with dry shampoo and hairspray because i put off washing it too long and its ended up with a middle part and curly ends???
and i didn’t condition it because i thought i was going to do the tinted conditioner but couldn’t be bothered so now it feels really weird
had a one to one and talked about my muse and how he’s stopped being museful and then shadow work and wet bumble bees
thats it really
ryan was at my bus stop
and like yo it was weird
he’s on conor’s level (except that conor isn’t as good as i remembered)
and speaking of he was on the bus too
and dan
bus of dreams yeah?
not really
the last time i had a dream about a bus it was something to do with getting back with brodie and the time before that one of the hay twins (probably ben)(also its been like six years since i last saw them but i can still tell them apart) was driving and ben bowen was hitting on me
PROTIP: don’t dream about busses
need to decide if I’m going or not…
i dont fit in with that shit anymore
i need to stop being so blocked
faultline tomorrow
just went through the interested and going thing on the faultline event
and I’m going to die if i go there
she’s going with maybe her mates and i know how I’m going to end up feeling when I’m there
kinda makes me a little glad that I’m not performing
josh isn’t on there (sean walsh is though)
neither is my meme mother ben who would have probably also been my lord and saviour there with the guest list considered
honestly i need some bros there
and theres no one i can ask
these are the times that i kinda wish jarrod existed in the world of closer proximity than over an ocean


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