Im quietly pissed about this

like where do they get off destroying a place like that
who bestowed them the right

i listened to the radio for the first time in a while on the bus to school and one of the stations was playing the national anthem and ya know how patriotic I’ve gotten with god defend and that so i was actually pretty cool with it even if i didn’t know why
it was the full five six verses too
turns out it was because the americas cup is new zealands cup once more

so thats that
in homebase we made penguins which wasn’t that bad but i don’t like the reasons why too much
went to the supermarket with brodie and I’m kinda worried about him after the conversation last night and how he was today but i can’t do much
the whole vape thing
enough said just as that
i love him thats it whatever

becca had been ‘in hospital’ and has a ‘concussion’ don’t wanna know really
melt down in art
dan and yashbir were in the art room at lunch
kinda going somewhere at the moment but its hard to keep it all flowing


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