theres nothing to say

kinda tried talking to jarrod today
kinda failed
felted and youtube and thats basically it
chance became a thing
thats great
like really
its wonderful
i don’t have problems
i actually dried and straightened my hair in what feels like forever though it will probably be all fucked up by the time i wake up tomorrow
and got back into watching the huge gta playlist but because its so far back it doesn’t really feel like them anymore though the races were kinda cool like if they did an old school race flashback episode id get behind it
also the shipping has moved again
still not sure how long it will take but its a thing
i know that if i go to faultline this week i won’t have anything to read
which I’m gonna hate and kinda wish i wasn’t there
unless i read old stuff which doesn’t even feel good anymore
i might stop going eventually
i just don’t have anything to say anymore
i think I’ve forgotten how to type
can’t write the report for EFS either because i can’t fucking write reports
i was so sure i was going to pass level two this year but now i don’t know


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