lily was at school and thats when it started wrong
basically went to the supermarket and i got a v like one of the new ish ones the pink spiked punch
its decent actually
then wandered round for ages and i was kinda third wheeling them which sucks cos i know they don’t mean it but its just how it is
then eventually becca and george got there and it was kinda awkward and yup thats it
went back to the girls
and then was like actually the other ones
then ditched class to go to the cafe with george and becca and it was actually pretty great he’s cool and as far as i can tell a pretty decent guy
then it got to the point where was like hey I’m actually enjoying myself with these guys more than i was walking around with lily and jess because i feel like this is actually a even interaction and not just them and me
so lunch with them too went to the supermarket (had already gotten a lift at the cafe) and then got a dr pepper
ended up sitting in the stairs place like the other day and there was still this thing of who is worse me or charles (OH GOD YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHAT IS TO COME (24/8/17)) but apparently we need to be together for that to be figured out
and now i know who ben is
the guy i said happy hanukah to the other day
now mutually following on instagram
he’s actually kinda ok a little bit maybe i don’t want to commit to a positive judgement right now
then the girls ended up with us and i kinda chose against them
ended up back at the cafe i kinda crashed and it was alright
walked a little way with just george to the orbiter road and thats it for school
oh and brodie was sick but i couldn’t bring myself to say that i missed him because that would be a little uncomfortable
badly drawn tiny politicians is now a thing
progressing to also badly painted tiny politicians
which are going to have something to do with my art folio
i like them but i don’t know how they fit with any artist model or anything like that
watching season two of lucifer now because season three has just started on tv
nothing else really
hands class again tomorrow but the thing is i don’t want to make him clothes now
or at least not stuff him
and by him i mean Otis


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