World KIP Day

world knit in public day
there were two things that i forgot to mention in the post yesterday
one was that gabe was at school for whatever reason and his hair has gotten long again which isn’t that great honestly but yeah it was weird to see him without lily and also just to see him back at school and i think the other thing was that steven was on my bus? i don’t know if i said that but i know i forgot two things but can’t be bothered checking the last post
but yeah steven as in director of the school scary in charge guy who thinks I’m a great student was on my bus
went to lunch with dad and had chicken curry on noodles from chop n wok at south city
talked about health problems in the family and csi and he talked about malaysia
then went to the world knit in public day event at the library just after mum had come home from it
got some jewellery things and a t-shirt and some multicoloured dyed merino fibre which will go pretty well with the colours I’ve got at the moment
i need to write a list of the things i need to do but like its hard because i need to write a list to remind me to write the list because it never feels like the right time to write it
i finished the last season and also went thought the special features on both of the seasons i had out and I’m thinking about watching them online but also not really because that would probably stop me from doing productive things like painting
I’ve started one of the merino dreads and it feels a lot better than the corridale I’ve been using and used for my last set but it would also be a whole lot more expensive
ok time to youtube


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