I suppose I should have some things to say

this is just tiresome
and the reality is i may never look back on these posts
and there will be no one else who would ever read them all and care about them
nothing really except i watched a bit of josh’s livestream and then brodie got there messed around with richard’s guitar and that was it
art nothing really happened and becca and i had gone to the cafe in community anyway
lunch had the thing with mike and chloe
it went fine i didn’t really feel like myself but the conversation was pretty easy and i could think of things to say
which is probably why i didn’t feel like me
still no poems
I’ve run out of stories to tell and I’m not making any new ones
then the whole whatever the fuck it was over messenger with brodie because i was upset for a reason i can’t explain and i needed a hug but then time ran out and i had to go to class
didn’t really do anything there anyway
then i saw them walk past and my brain fucked up and everything went to shit
figured out i have to wait till august till i can donate blood again
but it gives me that much time to plan my tattoo
tom is hanging out at absolution with the tattooists there
i need to do research
then class was over
missed my bus work was shit i feel like shit my body is continuing to be mutinous and I’m just going to watch csi till the world ends


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