vair vair non

I’ve lost it
really not sure my brain is working
talking has gotten worse and now i know I’m not processing things how i used to
the class today was ok i didn’t entirely enjoy it but I’ve missed sculpting and if i hadntve gone i wouldnt have time to do it anyway
i don’t have a personal life
it doesn’t exist
its just class and work and then I’m stuck in my own head trying to escape with tv and youtube and its not working
I’ve actually considered giving up writing on here
im glad he exists but I’m pissed off at the fact that i can’t have feelings around people anymore
i don’t know if i did in the first place
bio wasn’t great i didn’t have my book and i don’t like brent as much as the student teacher who left
still want to pretend that yesterday didn’t happen
theres nothing to mention in english
last dvd of season one and almost through the first episode but i don’t know if I’m going to go back to the
i haven’t eaten
theres special features and i don’t know if tyehre any good
the mirror is definitely not me
my thing consciousness isn’t settled in the same place as it used to be
this is the worst time to form bad habits because they’ll stick and i hate myself for it


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