Note to self

don’t go anywhere with loghann while needing to pee you will not survive
theres this thing about learning from your mistakes but sometimes theres things that you should already know are bad ideas before you do them but then you still make the mistake and it goes to shit and you have to remember never to do it again
jarrod messaged me and I’m so sick of that fucking question hows it going because its hard to word an answer to it I DONT HAVE ANYTHING TO SAY TO HIM AND I FEEL SHIT ABOUT IT BUT I SHOULDN’T BECAUSE ITS NOT MY FAULT
brodie actually turned up to school which was great except for the whole look he had going on his lack of a belt and the smell of smoke
is this what five years has amounted to? you showing me cat videos that i don’t appreciate because I’m so allergic to them that i can feel a sneeze coming on just thinking about it
(you haven’t liked my latest photo on instagram within ten seconds of me posting it oh god are you dead or something(but youre not cos I’m talking to you))
then becca
and then bio which wasn’t so bad except for the fact that scientists are all dickheads and want to mock our incompetence
(that became a tweet)
then lunch i don’t know what——————– right so the supermarket where hanna spends money she should be saving
then too many jokes and yeah
then art where holly wasn’t and i did some stuff that I’m not sure will fit but i kinda like them anyway?


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