i am once again without headphones

i lost them somewhere at school and its kinda shit but i have to admit they weren’t really any good anyway
first of june
english was kinda ok actually richard had a thing on his phone that sent the camera live footage to the tv and he was showing us film shots but at one point got distracted by his bald spot and the back of his head
did art in pbl but I’m not really sure how productive i really was
i haven’t used the tape at home in a while
i think i need to do more gesso release pages
jess got the bunny at the end of lunch and then i ended up going on the bus with her to bishopdale(???) and then bussed back by myself and that was kinda scary and i got rabbit pee on my knee
then bio was ok nothing big happened
missed my bus though and ended up with dean dan and conor
yeah it was weird for my brain but in reality not too bad to the average human


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