i don’t know what to say

nothing really went on in english
I’m pretty blocked up
i don’t really know what else to say bio was ok then lunch sophie and i went to new world and they had dr pepper back and i got a cherry one which was fucking great and we played some card games i won billionaire a couple times and won spoons a couple two and got a pen (spoon) a few other times too
“get your ass together” became a sentence that i will try and never repeat again but probably will accidentally
alena loghann and jess have invited themselves to my birthday
don’t know what I’m going to read on friday
going to see mike at 10 tomorrow? i think for maybe the first time with a student or maybe just to ask who and what they’re like that kinda stuff
i don’t really know what else is going on

i had my headphones ticked behind my ears for the majority of the day and now it feels weird that they aren’t there
there was a guy who was sitting behind me on the bus who tapped me on the shoulder and said something along the lines of ‘this might be random but red hair looks good on you not many people can pull it off but you can’
he was cool all the way to his ankles


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