longest night for a very long time

and yet i don’t really feel tired
have to admit though i was fuzzing out on the bus home
stayed up the whole night watching videos waiting for the livestream of the charity match to begin
I’ve still got some left because by the time the stream was over it was basically time for me to get up and i was really hungry
so the result was 2-0 loss to SDMNFC
it was gutted
really really gutted after all they’ve done to get this going but they’re raised almost THIRTY THOUSAND DOLLARS FOR CHILDLINE
it was stress
hell of a lot of stress which makes me really sad that they didn’t even get a goal guess thats thanks to hugh wizzy though who was on the all starts team this year
despite the guys complaining last year that people rushed the pitch after the game last year and an announcement during half time or something this year telling them not to the fucking idiots still rushed the pitch and once again they couldnt do the cup ceremony
so then mum took me to buy her a laptop and external disk drive and order my new charger
then to school where i got really confused with my classes
went to new world with brodie at lunch which was kinda ok
then i went to talk to mike about the peer support thing
then waiting at the bus stop brodie got there just as i was about to leave and i got a hug which was fucking great
and then like i don’t know what else to say
I’m going to set up mums laptop and yeh go watch youtube for a while
also holly volunteered me to read some poetry for some kids but I’m going to have to really think about it


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