i only popped one
i took photos at the crem before and after we let all the balloons go and I’m thinking about getting one printed for mum
also she’s going to buy a laptop??
and me a new charger and a external dvd drive
its all pretty strange
then i did some art
he did the ting
fucking danny phantom out here
i don’t know how i feel about it
i liked the red better
and mum helped me realise how much £5000 actually was
its $9411
but at the moment the just giving page is up to $14,174.437 in kiwi moneys
like holy shit
thats huge
like i can’t even comprehend it
they’re aiming for £10,000 and i hope they get there but I’m not sure because it’s early monday morning and they’re three quarters the way there at the moment
i do want to donate because its for something like kidsline but the english version but i can’t an text thing would help
but i don’t know how plausible it is for them to do
painting some feegles at the moment
need to write the thing for EFS tomorrow for monday


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