i dont what

three years no and i still can’t title well
some things just don’t change
I’m forgetting how to type because I’m just used to jumping to the next tab and to the links and whatever and not actually typing shit
so i was late to school
and i didn’t go into purple because there was a speaker and i didn’t want to disrupt
turns out i wasn’t even on the roll
but holly fixed that later
so i did some art stuff
in pbl i was going to talk to mike but he was busy basically the whole time so i had a one to one in the office then did more art
lunch was weird with the shitshow that was the post by jess and teresa on alena’s facebook
then bio which is actually pretty decent at the moment
tomorrow I’m not really going to school
but work was ok
did art once i got home
mum actually liked some of it
its going ok at the moment

some other shit happened that i forgot about until i tried to go to sleep
the one time
THE ONE FUCKING TIME since the conversation that i could have ended up on the bus with the kid but nope walked behind him all the way to the stop but then he stayed and caught a different fucking bus
and at work i became a plumber
it was great really because the plugholes that are supposed to be drop proof aren’t
the from of my earring fell in and i thought i was screwed but then i realised i could take off the ceramic cover and try and figure out if i could retrieve it and then i messed around with a u-bend and unscrewed the two ends of it spilt quite a bit of water on the floor drained the rest out and retrieved the earring
and i managed to put everything back together again


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