scared for my not exactly life but momentary wellbeing

im glad day five was a rest day
im not sure if it was a coincidence or not
english was meh
brodie sat next to me again he smelled like smoke and it hurt my head
but what was the point in saying anything
i tried even more to write the essay but it still wasn’t working
then break where i saw loghann after a basically same as usual community meeting
then went to the cafe stayed there with becca a while then remembered that loghann was in yellow class now so went back to that and did some work and we laughed about things that i can’t really remember but it was great
then lunch we played sweet valley high which because of the company fucking hilarious
and then monopoly
which is where shit started getting bad
there was also some jokes made with me loghann and her boyfriend having a threesome
and then we said we loved each other
and then they mentioned it to alena’s boy hamish and we (well me and loghann) ended up talking to him saying some pretty weird shit and he was i think still thinking it was alena
but it was along the lined of threesomes and he assumed it was two guys and said it was only gay if the balls touched (Lila said we didn’t have balls and i said not yet we don’t you know the usual reply) then Lila told me to reply and i said something like i don’t want to be involved in this i don’t want to take part in it i only want to spectate
and then she told him i said that and it turned into me mentioning Eiffel towering and him not getting it but making a dick joke and i said something about going sight seeing to the leaning tower of pizza too
it was a wild ride
and then there was the whole fucking speed monopoly which stressed me out
i went into jail on my second turn Lila had a secret stash of money in her laptop but i cleaned it out with my four railways which i didn’t have till we traded marylebone plus $150 for bond or oxford
then i just smashed it
but the thing was it was really stressful and i had no idea what was happening most of the time i was shaking and overheated and i was trying to buy a property by the time three more turns had already been taken and i felt like we were all cheating because i couldn’t keep track of what was going on
i won by default of ho had the most money when we had to pack up and go to class
but i was ill and lightheaded and really just off
so i told brent i had to go buy food and then EFS was just weird and i didn’t like it and we’re going to have to write another report for the thing thats taking us eight weeks to do
BUT when we were voting for what we were going to do and to mark on the board which one we wanted to do and i put smiley faces up for sophie holly and i and then everyone else started dong it
i think brent is annoyed at me
half cos i don’t do work and half because I’m disruptive and do stuff like that
good thing for him then that loghann isn’t in bio anymore 😦 but not a good thing for me
thats it for school but there was a culture puzzle at work and no i have it and i finished it and its cool and i like it


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