so this is the actually today one

jeez I’m talking to two people at once on facebook and i don’t know what to do with myself like what the even?
as i said i was going to do yesterdays post in purple today but ended up trying to write part of the essay which I’ve started but I’m not sure how and then wondering when brodie was gonna get there
he actually sat next to me
and smiled (even though he pulled the finger but like whatever) and i was happy about it and it was good
bio was pretty decent too even thought the student teacher was taking the class and she’s still kinda iffy about takin a class than doesn’t talk and reply to questions
then lunch brodie wouldnt go to the supermarket with me so i went with kitty and we had a good talk and then my brain kept malfunctioning when dan appeared
then i changed my mind about what i was doing for my folio and I’m now looking at david shrigley and its all a bit of an experiment now
gonna go draw and skype jarrod now


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