oh hey so

i didn’t wake up for mum leaving
but i got organised fr dad coming
washed my hair then fucked around with hair spray which may have been a bad idea I’m not sure
we ended up going to mcdonalds which wasn’t so bad i saw alena at a bus stop on the way there and then georgia in the actual place
it was pretty ok really
then we went to china town near school to get half a duck
we were actually pretty good with talking
then home and nothing really happened till i ordered pi—–


i know hard to believe right
but i did and I’m still kinda wavy from it

but then a few hours later i ordered pizza
and waited like two hours till the slot was available and yeah killed time
i even put on pants for th pizza man
and i had to get garlic bread so it would be enough to get delivered
set up what would have been a great date except I’m lonely as fuck
it was ok except by the time id lit all the candles and moved my charger out here my pizza had kinda cooled down
theres two pieces left and some garlic bread still because i could have eaten all the pizza and no garlic bread but not all of both
then i had to get all the wax that had melted onto the table
and took some fucking lame photos of my dr pepper with its umbrella because thats all i have in life
now I’m going to stay up till who knows when watching youtube which will probably just be the gta sidemen playlist which i might even finish tonight who knows
oh and i killed a fuck load of time on snapchat with pizza related things to becca and a bit to jarrod


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