really appreciating the concern from my friends right now

like jess
my supposed best friend
the one who I’ve coped with four years of my life because of
yeah that one hasn’t messaged me hasn’t texted snapped or anything
loghann only knows cos we’ve got a streak going
becca didn’t ask
brodie doesn’t even count as a friend anymore
and kitty i guess might have heard from loghann
but like no one really asked
and honestly loghann saying she missed me being at school was the most important and cared about that I’ve felt there for a while
probably going to have tomorrow off too
i feel like the cough is almost going
but my voice is still kinda screwed i think
haven’t had a nose bleed today but bleeding of another kind which i hadn’t expected and it hadn’t been predicted for another three days and its usually accurate so whats up with that me maybe returning to a more normal cycle and not one thats a week extra? maybe
I’ve kinda noticed my hair being longer
and I’ve been washing it in the shower instead of with the tinted conditioner in the kitchen sink
mums going away this weekend


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