Broken BrokeniamliterallypeanutbutterBroken

why does brodie care if I’m in class or not
like really its not like we’ve ever sat together in that class or anything
its not like anything i do has any relevance to him anymore so what gives?
i got an astounding one like from my only mutual the meme mother on my pissed post about not being able to talk and not being able to talk to myself
its going to be wednesday tomorrow and I’m still not going to be at school
i miss being there i miss the people
the few people that i still have
i need to be doing art
i need to be making art
I’m supposed to be using this time to be productive
coughing hurts so much that its giving me a headache
i keep getting hints of impending nose bleeds that never entirely come to fruition
i just sit and cough and wheeze and not talk and if i do whisper because thats the only way my voice doesn’t crack and turn to coughing but even whispering some sounds trigger a coughing fit
what was it today that refreshed a really terrible moment for me??
uh something to do with brodie
peanut butter
at one point when we were at a good place
(back when dinosaurs still roped the earth)
when we were good and asking questions i asked which kind of peanut butter he preferred and he said crunchy
in return he asked me and i said smooth
after which he said that it wasn’t going to work out with us
given the up and down and him constantly seeming to break things off without reason nature of our relationship at the time i right away thought he was being serious
he was making a joke about the peanut butter thing
theres really nothing else to say I’m not going to school tomorrow
i don’t know about thursday
i also don’t know about guitar
and i don’t know about work or the puppy either
i am flicking the majority of photos off my phone onto drive thought


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