Fridays are strange days now

still sick and sneezing is painful
so is singing obviously but i still went to guitar and even got some applause from Katrina’s father when we played rock n roll
then got worthers toffee lindt assorteds and a lift on the way to school then art which i did basically nothing in lunch i spent with kitty again and we talked about gender and sexuality and poem appreciating and other things which was really good we have good talks and i don’t see how it isn’t that easy with other people
then yellow art which jess wasn’t in? i left early and that was it
puppy is now not confirmed
not having lunch with dad this weekend but maybe next although thats when mum is away so i don’t know if i can leave the puppy alone for however long that might take
i want to order pizza… don’t know if i have the balls though
don’t know how next week is going to go


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