Sick like fully sick

like a really bad sore throat that may or may not be something a little more serious than the precursor to a cold but theres not much i can do about it without going to the doctor and thats something i don’t want to do
my tongue is also has gone which is great and doesn’t hurt at all
what really doesn’t hurt is having an interaction with my one mutual follower on twitter
and the effort i put in for a five second video reply that i hope he finds funny
i never thought a pisstake video of how gay guys have sex would be useful in a conversation four years after the fact but yeah that happened
also loghann really loved the photo i put on instagram of the painting i did of ben’s quote “your ex looks like a kumara”
kitty said she gets kinda mad about me being friends with loghann now but not in a spiteful way just like suddenly friend groups are colliding and I’m not used to it kinda way
i wonder if brodie has seen the post
guitar lesson tomorrow morning but theres only one and a half videos left


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