And So It Begins

first day of term two
bus went fine but didn’t get my normal seat so it wasn’t really fine at all
first class wasn’t bad read the whole time except going for a walk with kitty
at one point brodie messaged me asking why i wasn’t in class even though id been there the whole time and i didn’t even think he was there but i was half off a seat and kitty was between us and i hadn’t even thought he would be in class because he never is anyway
sent him a photo of richard because i couldn’t be arsed with words
community was just as bland as usual
went to the cafe with becca after and got a lift and it was the first id had in two weeks
then it was art which loghann is now in which is great and terrible at the same time because at one point she looked around and…
L: i smell red bull
Me: i just burped it was probably lift
and then we laughed about it for a solid five minutes and she was crying about it
and then there were other things like when she first said she was in the class i did like what is it raise the roof thing? and we were under the drying rack so she said raise the rack and i was like i immediately connected rack to boobs
raise the boobs
then lunch and we played two games of sweet valley high with everyone and then she and i had a two board speed round which was a little intense and we still kinda need to clarify the rules but we’ll get it eventually
efs was kinda a nonevent
i told brent i wasn’t doing the report so i looked at some guy who came up with a way to clean up the trash islands
then home then work then reading then now
about to youtube for the first time today


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