george is just a little bit special

also don’t shake lava lamps
we had pizza
and rebecca said she loved me lots and yachts and then at the same time we said dinghies it was great at the time ok
which was like a minute ago but shh
anyway it happened
and then i took the braids out and i kinda wish my hair was like this all the time but kinda not
also want to make red dreads but make them slightly thinner than the ones i have at the moment but not entirely sure because that would kinda mean there were more of them even if they were more flexible
i don’t think I’ve even watched any of todays videos of gone on the watch later rampage
i swear the lava lamp used to be blue but now its white and goes yellow when its on
but yeah he’s just a little bit special and doesn’t exactly remember how to lamp properly sometimes
the garage sale is on tomorrow i feel kinda weird about having red hair now
i miss the green but it was so much harder to keep the colour in
i also mis being on planes
i actually do want to go to sydney
#planittripit and all that right?
but then want to go to the uk too
and egypt but preferably in a time machine because ancient egypt would be so much better than current… even if there wasn’t wifi or anything but there would be the pharaohs and the traditional religion and the temples
even though i wouldnt be able to understand anything they were saying
which would suck and is kinda why i only want to go to daily english speaking places because language barriers are terrifying
but going to sydney with dad will be fine but don’t know if rebecca will some with us and in some ways i hope she will because i don’t know how to talk to da very well but also if she isn’t there it would be so so much easier with the whole food situation and that thing where she has so may food intolerances
but then i just have the problem of never really knowing what i do want to eat
fuck this family is complicated
i don’t know whats going on
i think some stranger has come to the door wanting to look at all the garage sale stuff before tomorrow morning when its all set up for the public
what a cunt though can you not wait till tomorrow like all the other people and not come at almost nine at night when we’re keeping to ourselves?
but theres a new hunting we will go episode out
still don get why I’m so invested in this series when I’m not even a gamer and don’t get anything about football or fifa like what the actual fuck?
its the personality
of course it is
its not even a question really
but the rest of the world can fuck off though


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